Wednesday, December 3, 2008

school collapse survivors

Miquette and a little boy from the school
Me with Danilove and her mother

A few weeks ago a school collapsed in Haiti, killing 90 and injuring a hundred more. I had the incredible opportunity to visit L'hopital General in Port-au-Prince with Miquette Denie and Denise Blesh, coworkers and friends of mine at QCS. Together we were able to bring bottles of water, stuffed animals, cookies, crackers and candy to the kids recovering from the collapse. We saw nearly 20 kids spread in 4 different rooms. Many of the children lost friends, teachers, and siblings in the collapse. Miquette was able to organize over a thousand dollars in donations for the families of the victims to help with hospital bills and, if necessary, funeral costs. We had the families come two weeks after our visit to the QCS campus. Here they received $500 HTD each (roughly $65 US). Many of the children were still recovering in the hospital. The families were thrilled to have help in the midst of such an awful tragedy. 

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Kindas said...

Thank you for sharing this. My family will keep all of these people in our prayers.