Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 6 in Haiti

Today I got to speak in the school's chapel... What a great thing. I can tell that I will be in ministry because when I go a while without preaching I get an itch. After I spoke in chapel we got to spend time with the kids again...more came to school that day. Then I went down to the military side of the campus and worked on organizing all the school books that were moved to downstairs rooms. Kim was helping in the medical tent counting pills and putting them in bags. I did that for awhile and then Kim and I went to the market. After we got some supplies from there we went back to Quisqueya and dropped off the supplies. We bought some treats and 'wish list' items for the teachers and staff here on campus who have been going non-stop since the earthquake.
Later we visited Ceable, a good friend of Kim's who was the guard at her old apartment. His family lost there house in the earthquake, so now they are staying in a concrete storage shed. It is about 12 feet by 8 feet. I will try to get pictures to show you. The best part is that after we were done visiting with him he prayed for us. It was a good prayer--the best I have had in a long time. He started the prayer off by singing a song to God. He was singing his heart out to the one he loved most. After the song he started praying and while he was praying it reminded me of when I was in Nicaragua. When we were about to leave Nicaragua, the community we were helping pulled all of us Americans in one of their houses. They had scrounged around and put a very small meal together for us to eat. By American standards it would have fed only 3 people but it was all they had and they offered it to us. On top of that they made us sit down and they went around and prayed for us individually. How humbling to have someone who has nothing thank Americans who seem to have so much and offer us a meal. I was broken that day. The memories of that moment in Nicaragua once again flooded my mind when Ceable, who lost his home in the quake, was blessing me more than I have ever been by anyone else. I kept thinking of how God uses the humble and the foolish to confound this world and how inverse the laws of the kingdom of God are compared to this world. I was once again brought to tears as Ceable prayed for Kim and me.

Lord help me to stay broken, you never use those who are not!

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DeZeLLe12 said...

I'm glad you guys are down there and able to help! I'm praying for you guys and hope to hear more about how you're all being used!