Monday, August 25, 2008

Tropical Storm Gustav

Well it has only been a week since Fay hit Haiti, and already there is the threat of another tropical storm.  Just south of Haiti is Gustav, the ugly younger brother of Fay, who has targeted Haiti's southern peninsula. Like the typical younger brother vying for attention, Gustav is following closely to Fay's path. That means we are under a hurricane warning until Wednesday.  
For those of us up the hill from Port-au-Prince, the risk is only that we will see some strong winds and thunderstorms. But for the southern part of Haiti the risk is much greater. They haven't even recovered completely from last year's hurricanes and storms, let alone from Fay's damage last week. 

If that wasn't enough, food prices are going up again and there are threats of protesting. Some of our students weren't at school today because the overall security situation is not that great. 

Please keep Haiti in your prayers as we get ready for more storms and protesting. 


4sofar said...

We are praying for you! Nasty little brothers really stink! heee...come visit our new blog for our family. You'll appreciate the title picture. Love you,

4sofar said...

Whats the news of Gustav where you are?