Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The worst flood

I got a text message this morning from a fellow teacher informing me the Gonaives was flooding. Hurricane Jean drenched Gonaives in 2004, killing thousands unable to escape the rising waters. Now it is happening again, and what's worse is that no one expected it! Hanna was projected to pass far north of us and head for Florida. Eerily enough it stopped north of Haiti and started heading directly south towards us. The outer bands have been drenching Haiti all day.  The storm is still projected to head north, but it hasn't changed directions yet.  My area is still safe--we've had rain and strong winds on and off all day.  
Please pray for Haiti...this has been the hardest hurricane season yet! In three weeks we've had Fay, Gustav, and now Hanna. There are 2 more storms forming in the Atlantic as well--Ike and Josephine--and they are likely to pass close enough to Haiti to continue the pattern of flooding. 

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